Membership Guidelines

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Aged 18 and over
  • Registration details as per Identity Card
  • Active email for verification process
  • Proficient in information technology (IT), languages, graphics and other related fields
  • Willing to attend basic eGHI training either online or offline

Group Guidelines

  • Members of each group must be from the same field
  • Discussions must be relevant to the field only. Sensitive issues involving political, racial or religious sentiments are not allowed
  • The Association reserves the right to blacklist your membership in the event of such occurrence
  • The Association is not responsible for any losses incurred by group members during any activities conducted by its own members
  • Groups must inform and obtain confirmation from the Association on any group activity

Marketplace Guidelines

  • Advertisements have to be approved by MAFA
  • Only members of the association with paid up membership dues of RM100 can advertise on the website
  • The Association reserves the right to approve and assist in the advertisement
  • Advertisements should focus only on digital works
  • Work offered outside the platform fall beyond any obligations of the Association